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Thursday 21st of January 2010
September 23, 2009    

Roger Moore: Educated investors make ethical choices

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by David Masters

Former James Bond actor Roger Moore believes encouraging investors to put their money into ethical businesses is simply a matter of education.

Writing in the Daily Mail on the way poultry is treated to produce foie gras, Moore said: “There are vile and inhumane practices all over the world, but I have always been a great believer in the power of education to change things.

“No one who is made aware of the truth of ghastly practices will want to perpetuate them or respect anyone who does.”

Writing specifically on foie gras production, he added: “Once you know how it is made, it really doesn’t taste so good.

“Abhorring cruelty to animals is not sentimental nonsense. We share the planet with these creatures who are often at our mercy.”

Explaining how investors can make ethical choices, finance expert Justine Davies said: “Ethical investors like sectors such as renewable energy, cleantech, bio-technology, water management, and microfinance.

“They tend to avoid mining, forestry, tobacco, gambling, armaments and prostitution,” added Davies.

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