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07th of October 2010
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October 6, 2010    

Report suggests weakening in UK jobs market

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by Kay Murchie

The latest report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG has suggested that the UK jobs market is continuing to weaken as Government spending cuts are having a major impact on employment.

The permanent placement index dipped to 54.6 in September, down from 56.3 the previous month.

Meanwhile, the temporary and contract staff billings index fell from 54 to 52.8. However, both indices remain above the crucial 50 level, which indicates growth.

Kevin Green, the REC’s chief executive, said: “The jobs market is starting to flatline and may herald a ‘double dip’ in employment.”

The REC is urging the Government to take action to stem the threat of rising unemployment.

While unemployment in Britain has fallen over recent months, concerns remain for public sector cuts, which could see unemployment rise again.

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics put UK unemployment at 2.47 million.

The UK’s jobless rate currently stands at 7.8%. This compares with 10% in the euro zone and 9.6% in the US.

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