Traffic jams causing millions of lost working hours

Traffic jams causing millions of lost working hours

According to Churchill Car Insurance’s latest survey, over 123 million working hours are lost annually because workers are sitting in traffic jams.

The cost to the UK economy of this lost time is estimated at around £752 million a year.

Around 50 per cent of drivers set off for work early and leave late in order to avoid the crush, according to the study.

However, ten percent of those who drove to work said they were at least 40 minutes late every time they were stuck in traffic.

Tony Chilcott, Head of Churchill Car Insurance, said: “it’s increasingly frustrating for motorists to have to adapt their working hours just to avoid congestion on the roads.

“However, many drivers have to accommodate the school run and other commitments in the mornings, so it’s simply unrealistic to leave work at the crack of dawn.”

Traffic congestion is also shown to affect drivers’ health, with 19 per cent of those who drove to work saying they experienced stress as a result of delays on their journey.

In separate news, Churchill has also reported a 45 per cent increase in insurance claims due to the escape of water last winter, mainly due to burst and frozen pipes.

The severe winter weather between October 2010 and February 2011 caused damage to three million homes in the UK, and Churchill is warning people to make sure their home insurance is up to date.

Practical measures to avoid problems include lagging pipes, repairing dripping taps, ensuring boilers are serviced regularly and making sure homes are adequately insulated.

Householders are also advised to leave their heating on low if they have to leave the house empty for a few days.

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