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Finance & Money Forums Rules

Finance Markets Terms of Use



We ask that members respect the diverse nature of people and opinions represented in the forum.

Where you feel to disagree strongly we recommend you consider against posting in the heat of the moment. Instead take a break from it - sleep on it - and come back to the issue calm and refreshed.

If you feel a post is offensive then simply report it using the report button on each message.

Please do also allow administrator and moderators only to deal with disruptive members.


The administrators, moderators, and other staff of financemarkets.co.uk reserve the right to edit, modify, or delete, in whole or part, any aspect of this forum, including user messages, at their own discretion and without notice or warning.

This is especially applicable to content of the following nature:

a) Posts which seek to offend directly or purposefully disrespect individual members of this community, especially through flaming, baiting, or personal abuse,

b) Posts which use excessive profanity,

c) Posts that contain illegal material

d) Posts that contain graphic imagery or literature of a sexual, violent, or generally offensive nature - this is a family friendly viewing site.

e) Posts that seek to promote discrimination, hate, or violence either within or outside of the comparative-religion.com forum,

f) Posts which seek to attack the legal rights of any individual member, such as but not limited to defamation, harassment, and/or the issuing of threats,

g) Posts made by a member using multiple aliases

h) Spam: which in this instance is defined as memberships perceived as primarily for the purpose of unsolicited advertising or promotion of services, products, or websites, outside of financemarkets.co.uk. Please note that you agree that any posting of unsolicited advertising/promotional matieral to the financeMarkets.co.uk message board carries a submission fee of £450 + VAT, regardless as to whether the unsolicited advertising is ever published for public viewing.

i) Signature links are provided for, so long as they are kept respectful. Signature links may be edited and/or removed by the forum staff at any time and without warning.

j) Posts which seek to disrupt the functioning of the community itself, such as attacks against financemarkets.co.uk or the owner company, Britecorp Ltd.


Please also note that swearing is not permitted - this is not an adult site. If you really feel the need to swear then censor the f****** words yourself. Use st*rs or bl_nks to censor the words. Lesser slang words are acceptable, but vocabulary general not deemed acceptable for family viewing should not be used. If you don’t censor yourself, then the forum software and or the site staff may do this for you.


Where an offensive is seen to be committed, as listed above, the following disciplinary process may take place. Please note that neither the administrators of financemarkets.co.uk (paid or otherwise) or Britecorp Ltd is under any obligation to implement any of the suggested disciplinary procedure, and action to delete, disable, or otherwise edit a user's account may be taken without warning.

a) Informal Disciplinaries

Everyone gets a little heated sometimes, and we all make mistakes. Allowance is made for such eventualities. Generally forum staff will seek to defuse disagreements through constructive comment on posts. Every effort will be made to deal with issues calmly and sensibly on the forums itself, and this inclcudes through use of Instant Messages, where deemed necessary. Do note that repeated offensive or disruptive behaviours may result in a Formal Disciplinary Procedure.

b) Formal Disciplinary Procedure

Re-occurring offences may result in a warning by e-mail, stating clearly the nature of the offense and indicating the involved post or postings. If the referred to behaviour continues then that member may be suspended, or banned from the financemarkets.co.uk site. Please note that individual user IPs are logged with each post. Therefore particularly disruptive members can be completely excluded from even accessing the site via blocking of their IP address.


Please note that financemarkets.co.uk and Britecorp Ltd cannot allow the posting of material from other copyright holders, excepting in the instance of "fair use". The pasting of entir

e articles, or other large volume content, from other websites will be viewed as copyright infringement and removed.

If any member posts their own material on the forums, they will be held to have allowed Britecorp Ltd as publishers of financemarkets.co.uk a non-exclusive licence to publish, republish, or otherwise distribute such material on the financemarkets.co.uk website. If you do not agree with this policy you must not post your material anywhere on financemarkets.co.uk.

Please also note that Britecorp Ltd is under no obligation to remove any material from the forum or overall site, unless legally compelled to do so, such as copyright infringement.

In the event of suspected copyright infringements, please send an e-mail to support@britecorp.co.uk, stating the material infringement, and contact details for yourself.


Britecorp Ltd makes absolutely no warranties or guarantess regarding the operation of this site, nor the accuracy of the information contained within. All information on financemarkets.co.uk is used entirely at the individual's own risk.

Additionally, all messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of financemarkets.co.uk nor the developers of any software used on the site be held responsible or liable for any messages, omissions, or other information published on the site.

The owners of financemarkets.co.uk (Britecorp Ltd) reserve the right to remove, edit, move or otherwise modify any material on the site for any reason.


(i) Please note that you will not be censored even for disagreeing with any member of the management, so long as it is not done so in a manner that is seen as generally disruptive.

(ii)If you have any particular complaints about a member of the forums staff, whether moderator or administrator, then please Private Message or e-mail an administrator or moderator with your complaint.

(iii) Complaints received about any post not necessarily covered by the above comments will be duly adjudicated.

(iv) You agree that in the event of any legal dispute, that you will accept without argument the jurisdiction of Scotland for the purposes of legal process. The Laws of Scotland will therefore apply to any legal matters requiring attention as a result of any process involving financemarkets.co.uk and the publishing company, Britecorp Ltd.

(v) The administrators of financemarkets.co.uk (Britecorp Ltd) may enforce these Terms of Use entirely at their discretion.

(vi) If you do not accept these Terms of Use then you agree that you will not join the financemarkets.co.uk messageboards. Joining the financemarkets.co.uk messageboards means that you have implicitly agreed to these Terms of Use.

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