Nationwide Life Insurance Review

Nationwide Life Cover

Nationwide is the largest building society in the world, with around 12 million customers. They are also the second largest mortgage provider in the UK and the largest online mortgage provider.

Nationwide Life Insurance is one of their most popular services.

Nationwide offer four main types of life insurance policy:

- Mortgage Life Assurance – to help towards paying off your mortgage in the event of your death, with a 5% online discount
- Level Term Assurance – to provide a cash lump sum in the event of your death, with a 5% online discount
- Family Life Insurance Plan – to make monthly payments to your family up until the 21st birthday of your youngest child
- Over 55’s Life Cover

Nationwide Customer Experiences

Most customers report that the Nationwide service is very helpful, friendly and efficient, and most general queries about the policy are solved over the phone.

Others are delighted with the speed and ease in which the company makes the signing-up process. Customer careline staff are praised highly.

However, as with all insurance companies, complaints tend to centre on the time it can take to make a claim under certain circumstances. This can be especially hard to take because a life insurance claim usually accompanies some degree of bereavement.

Overview for Nationwide Life Insurance

Nationwide provides the security and expertise that comes with being one of the largest insurers around.

They offer great customer care, plenty of coverage, and their quotes are generally quite competitive.

So if you do need home insurance of any type, then they are definitely worth consideration.