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30th of August 2010
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News Tag: affordable

August 20, 2010

Mortgage affordability fails to impress first-time buyers

by Gill Montia
Britain's homeowners are typically finding their mortgage repayments twice as affordable as when house prices peaked, in 2007. Research from Halifax has revealed that in June, the average monthly mortgage repayment accounted for 28% of disposable income, compared to 50% three years ago. However, first-time buyer numbers fell to 94,600 in the first six months of 2010, half the number for the ...

June 2, 2010

Head to Withernsea for affordable seaside homes

by Gill Montia
Those with a yearning to live by the sea should head north, according to research from Halifax. The lender has declared Withernsea in the East Riding of Yorkshire the most affordable seaside town in England and Wales, with house prices typically three times local annual gross average earnings. All ten most affordable seaside towns are in northern England, whereas Sandbanks in Dorset ...

February 23, 2009

New lobby group wants 100,000 affordable homes

by Gill Montia
New lobby group wants 100,000 affordable homes
A newly formed body is urging the Government to build more than 100,000 affordable homes over the next two years. The 2020 Group, which is chaired by former Government housing adviser, Kate Barker, is arguing that the economy could be kick-started by a building programme on this scale, which would cost in the region of £6.3 billion. Housing associations, unions and local ...

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