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02nd of September 2010
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News Tag: bank levy

June 21, 2010

Budget will bring council tax freeze

by Kay Murchie
In a bid to ease the pain from severe spending cuts, Chancellor George Osborne has said the coalition Government will proceed with its proposal to freeze council tax in England. Tomorrow’s budget is expected to bring tax hikes and deep benefit cuts so the council tax freeze is expected to help “millions of families…… at the time they need it most," according ...

June 20, 2010

Chief economist gives his views on what the budget will bring

by Kay Murchie
Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his budget on Tuesday and while many believe that the massive spending cuts pose a threat to the fragile recovery, he said they will save Britain from the problems which debt-stricken Greece faces. Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr Show today, Mr Osborne said: "Unless we take determined and concerted action, we ...

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