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01st of January 2011
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News Tag: earnings

August 20, 2010

Halifax surveys seaside towns for affordability / quality of life

by Gill Montia
Residents of Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex have the highest quality of life among Britain's seaside towns, followed by Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex and Christchurch in Dorset. According to the latest Halifax survey of UK coastal towns, all three have higher than average weekly earnings, compared to other seaside towns, and an above average employment rate. With four more hours ...

June 29, 2010

Scotland sees cost of home ownership fall by 4%

by Gill Montia
The cost of owning and running a home in Scotland has declined by 4% over the past two years, according to research by Bank of Scotland. Between April 2008 and April 2010, average yearly expenses fell by £388, from £8,949 to £8,562. In real terms (after allowing for retail price inflation), the figure is down by 8% but ...

April 13, 2010

Labour pledges to increase basic state pension

by Kay Murchie
Labour pledges to increase basic state pension
As the Labour Government’s general election campaign continues, its latest pledge is to increase the basic state pension in accordance with earnings from 2012 - provided the party is re-elected. The pensions-earnings link was scrapped by Margaret Thatcher thirty years ago and replaced with the retail price inflation index (RPI). However, with pensions being linked to the RPI, it has meant ...

January 20, 2010

House prices rise 237% (over half a century)

by Gill Montia
Halifax has been looking back over the past 50 years to find that the average cost of a UK home has increased by 237% (in real terms) since 1959. The typical yearly rate of return of 2.7% exceeded the average rise in real earnings over the period, although house prices recorded their biggest increase in the 2000s when they put ...

July 7, 2009

Brits want £6,000 a year to start saving

by David Masters
Brits want £6,000 a year to start saving
The half of Brits who currently can't afford to save would have to earn an extra £500 per month before they'd consider putting anything aside for the piggy bank, new research has discovered. The poll by moneysupermarket.com found that 52% of UK adults don't have enough cash to save on a regular basis. On average, those without enough money for savings ...

April 19, 2009

Affordability blossoms for those with a 30% deposit

by Gill Montia
Affordability blossoms for those with a 30% deposit
UK house prices are becoming increasingly affordable, especially for those who can stump up a substantial deposit. Research from Halifax shows an improving trend over the past 18 months, in terms of the proportion of earnings spent on mortgage payments. For new borrowers with 30% to put down, the proportion has fallen from a peak of 48% of earnings in late ...