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Monday 03rd of May 2010

News Tag: flexible

September 25, 2009

Northern Rock launches “Flexible” mortgage range

by Gill Montia
Northern Rock has introduced a new range of home loans with rates starting at 2.99%. The state-owned lender's "Flexible" offering includes a two-year tracker at 2.99% (Bank of England base rate + 2.49%) with a £995 fee, or at 3.79% with no fee. Both options are offered at a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 65% and are available to house purchasers and remortgagers. For ...

March 10, 2009

Prudential launches £10,000 flexible annuity

by David Masters
Prudential launches £10,000 flexible annuity
Prudential has launched a new annuity that aims to provide for customers with smaller pension pots whilst giving flexibility in retirement. The Income Choice Annuity (ICA) gives customers the freedom to choose their annual income, and change this every two years if they want to. It also provides a guaranteed minimum income for the lifetime of the annuity. The ICA can be purchased from as ...