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Tuesday 04th of May 2010

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April 27, 2010

Spain’s unemployment rate exceeds 20%

by Kay Murchie
Spain’s unemployment rate exceeds 20%
Official figures have today revealed that Spain’s unemployment rate has reached 20.05% - the highest level in 13 years. The economy has been hit by a severe slump within its key construction industry, which has led to a significant amount of job losses. Spain’s jobless rate is double the 10% for the euro zone as a whole with the total number of jobless in ...

December 24, 2009

Greek parliament unveils plans to reduce debt

by Kay Murchie
In an attempt to reduce its high levels of debt, the Greek parliament is to embark on major budget cuts. Greece, which is the euro zone’s weakest economy, has the highest debt of the 16-member bloc. Currently, its public debt stands at €300 billion (£268 billion). Concerns of the sheer size of Greece’s debt led international ratings agency, Standard & Poor’s, to cut ...

October 20, 2008

Public borrowing at highest since 1946

by Kay Murchie

August 14, 2008

US inflation rises at fastest rate since January 1991

by Kay Murchie
Official inflation statistics published by the Labour Department have revealed that US inflation has hit the highest point for 17 years. Prices in the US increased by 5.6% in the 12 months to July and the rate of inflation was much higher than economists had forecasted, pushed higher by the increases in energy prices and food costs which were ...