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31st of August 2010
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News Tag: Motley Fool

September 16, 2009

Ethical investments “not always rubbish”

by David Masters
Ethical investments aren't always rubbish, investment advice site The Motley Fool claimed this week. Fool.co.uk journalist Harvey Jones made the claim following reports that ethical funds dropped by an average of 16.7% in the past year compared to an average 12.4% fall on non-ethical funds. However, looking back to figures from 2007, Jones noticed that ethical funds outperformed their non-ethical counterparts by 29%. "[Ethical funds] ...

August 24, 2009

Rate rise will hit homeowners “like a rock”

by David Masters
Rate rise will hit homeowners
Homeowners on tracker mortgages will be "hit like a rock" when interests rates rise, a financial expert warned this week. David Kuo, director of the Motley Fool financial news website, Fool.co.uk, said "prudent" customers should continue making monthly repayments at the same level as they were before interest rates plummeted. By maintaining repayment levels mortgage holders will be reducing their debts ...

June 25, 2009

Consumers “scared into being responsible”

by David Masters
Consumers tempted to finance purchases on credit "have been scared into being responsible" by rising unemployment figures, a financial expert said this week. Motley Fool director David Kuo said media reports of soaring unemployment have encouraged Brits to take a sensible approach towards finances. People are "rightly concerned" to be worried about their jobs as one in ten people able to work are likely ...

March 30, 2009

Investors choose property as cash becomes a ‘liability’

by David Masters
Investors choose property as cash becomes a 'liability'
Brits would rather invest money in property or stocks and shares than keep it as cash, despite 12 months of falling house prices and a volatile stock market. Research by the Motley Fool found that 30% of UK adults would invest a £50,000 windfall in property. A quarter (26%) would choose shares, whilst 17% would opt for bonds. Fifteen percent said gold ...

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