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02nd of April 2011
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News Tag: Panorama

March 28, 2011

Survey reveals take-home pay down £1,000

by Kay Murchie
According to a survey commissioned by BBC One's Panorama programme, employees are £1,088 a year worse off than they were two years ago as take-home pay fails to keep in line with inflation. At the start of this year, the typical British worker earned £20,149 - a drop of 5% from what they were earning in the middle of the recession. Meanwhile, ...

December 23, 2008

Two banking giants were on verge of collapse, reveals BBC’s Panorama

by Kay Murchie
According to the BBC’s Panorama programme, The Year Britain’s Bubble Burst, screened last night, HBOS and RBS were on the brink of collapse in early October. The programme unveiled that the banks were finding it difficult obtaining short-term funding. It is believed that the banks would have collapsed without the funding and were forced to obtain funding via ...

December 22, 2008

BoE admits to underestimating financial crisis

by Kay Murchie
The severity of the current financial crisis was underestimated, according to the deputy governor of the Bank of England. Talking to the BBC's Panorama programme, Sir John Gieve said the Bank was aware that borrowing was at “crazy” levels and that the cost of houses and other assets were rising unsustainably. However, Sir John said the Bank it failed to understand the severity ...