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Wednesday 26th of January 2011

News Tag: poor

January 20, 2011

Watchdog announces changes for financial advisers

by Kay Murchie
Following a review, City watchdog the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has announced financial advisers must hold accreditation if they want to provide independent or restricted advice from the start of 2013. The FSA said retail investment advisers will need to possess a Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) if they want to give independent or restricted advice after this date. The moves are to ...

January 18, 2011

FSA fines Barclays £7.7m

by Kay Murchie
Banking giant Barclays has received a fine of £7.7 million - imposed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) over poor investment advice. The City Watchdog has also ordered the bank to compensate up to £60 million to customers of two investment funds. The bank has apologised for the failures and said it will "put things right." The fine comes just a week after the Royal Bank ...

May 25, 2010

Government’s £6bn cuts target vulnerable

by David Masters
Government's £6bn cuts target vulnerable
The coalition government's spending cuts will hit the vulnerable and needy the hardest, according to a leading social commentator. Polly Toynbee, columnist at the Guardian newspaper, challenged the "myth" that frontline services will be protected, adding that 100,000 people could lose their jobs as a result of the cuts. Targets of the cuts include government contributions to Child Trust Funds, the Future Jobs Fund, ...

May 12, 2010

Weak GDP figures for euro zone economies

by Kay Murchie
Figures published today by the European Union's statistics office, Eurostat, have revealed a poor quarter one performance for many euro zone nations. According to Eurostat, Greece's debt-ridden economy contracted by 0.8% in first three months of the year, while Spain just emerged from recession with 0.1% growth. Meanwhile, France grew by just 0.1%, slowing from the 0.5% growth in the ...

May 14, 2009

BT losses escalate, 15,000 jobs to go

by Kay Murchie
Telecoms giant BT has today announced plans to axe 15,000 jobs this year - with the majority being in the UK. The group also announced a full-year loss of £134 million due to a poor performance within its Global Services unit - which has written down £1.3 billion within the division. The loss of £134 million for the 12 months to the ...

March 30, 2009

Council tax rises to affect the poorest

by Peter Charalambous
The government has announced that there will be a £41 rise in council tax, which has been heavily criticised as it will hit already struggling households the hardest, as Band D homes will see bills increase by 3 percent from £1,373 to £1,414. There will be an overall rise of 2.6 per cent from £1,145 to £1,175 and, according to local ...

August 15, 2008

Britain’s poorest families in line for fuel vouchers

by Kay Murchie
The Government is drawing up plans to help Britain’s poorest families in the form of vouchers to help them with soaring fuel bills. Vouchers worth between £50 and £100 could be sent to around six million who claim child tax credit and would be redeemed directly against fuel bills. However, the proposed scheme has met with criticism. Jenny Saunders, of ...