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Wednesday 03rd of June 2009

News Tag: Toyota

May 3, 2009

US car sales plummet in April

by Kay Murchie
The global economic downturn has resulted in a slump in demand for big-ticket items, such as cars and this is still the case for US carmakers after Chrysler reported a 48% decline in April sales compared with April 2008. Sales at Ford were down nearly 32% while General Motors (GM) sales were down 34%. The latter, along with Chrysler, have been instructed by ...

March 3, 2009

Car sales rise in Germany but Ford and Toyota report falls

by Kay Murchie
Official figures from the VDA have revealed that sales of new Germany cars rose by 22% compared with the same month in 2008 - the highest February sales for a decade. A total of 277,800 vehicles were sold in Germany during the month after a Government incentive scheme offered consumers €2,500 (£2,236) to scrap their old car ...

January 30, 2009

Japan’s industrial output in record fall

by Kay Murchie