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Money worries quash Brits’ dreams and ambitions

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by David Masters
Money worries quash Brits' dreams and ambitions

Three quarters of Brits have settled for second best in at least one area of their life, research by Abbey Bank Accounts has discovered.

Nearly half (47%) of those surveyed blamed the failure to pursue their dreams on money troubles.

Around a third (30%) of Brits have forsaken their dream job, settling instead for a second choice career.

Dream homes elude a quarter of Brits, with 24% settling for less than what they’d hoped for.

A fifth (22%) of Brits aren’t living where they’d like to, and a similar number (19%) believes they could have made a better choice of partner.

Gillian Almond, Abbey Banking spokesperson, said: “Most people settle for second best in a major area of their life.”

However, she added that in many cases, Brits should hold out hope for their dreams and ambitions.

“Some of these can be difficult and time-consuming to put right, other elements of your day-to-day life can easily be put right,” she said.

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News posted: August 12, 2009

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