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HSBC launches high-risk investment fund

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by David Masters

A new investment fund from HSBC gives savers the opportunity to benefit from the success – or lose out from the failure – of the world’s leading fund managers.

HSBC said the World Selection fund is run by the people it believes are the best fund managers in the world.

Savers can only put money in a World Selection fund by investing an equivalent amount in a High Interest Deposit Bond.

The High Interest Deposit Bond is a 12-month investment paying interest at a fixed rate of 5%.

“High Interest Deposit Bonds are among the most straight forward savings vehicles on the market,” said David Wells, HSBC head of investments, pensions and savings.

“Savers know exactly where their money is, what rate of interest they’re earning and when that interest will be paid, from the outset.”

The World Selection fund, meanwhile, is a riskier investment offering potentially high returns.

“World Selection enables experts to diversify investments, spreading money across geographies and types of asset and then monitoring it closely. Despite the recent volatile stock market conditions, investors are still recognising the importance and benefits of a globally-diversified portfolio that invests across a range of asset classes,” Wells said.

Savers are required to invest at least £10,000 in both the fund and the bond, giving a total minimum investment of £20,000.

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News posted: September 22, 2009

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