App enables cardless cash withdrawals at ATMs

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App enables cardless cash withdrawals at ATMs

The Getcash smartphone app allows Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest customers to withdraw money from a cash machine without using a card.

Up to £100 a time can be withdrawn at 8,000 RBS, NatWest or Tesco branded ATMs, by customers who have downloaded the free app to their phone.

This is significantly less than the £300 limit on a card withdrawal but the limit is likely to be increased at a later date.

The password-protected app displays a six-digit code on the phone’s screen which remains valid for three hours.

The customer simply types the code into the ATM to withdraw cash.

They can also text the code to friend or family member, allowing them to withdraw the cash.

The app can be downloaded to a smartphone, iPhone or BlackBerry device.

Ben Green, head of mobile at RBS and NatWest, said: “It is a really simple and secure way to help our customers get cash whenever and wherever they need it.”

The bank suggests that the app could help its customers avoid taking cash and cards with them on a night out, and could also be useful for customers who leave their wallet at home by mistake.

RBS has also launched a system to allow people to donate up to £150 to charities at its cash machines.

The service is already available on RBS machines and will be rolled out to other banks in the group including NatWest, Ulster Bank and Coutts.

A number of charities will benefit from the donations, including Cancer Research UK, Barnardo’s, Children in Need and Age UK.

Donations to the STV Appeal will also be allowed at RBS cash machines.

The STV Appeal helps children and young people in Scotland who are affected by poverty.

The scheme would raise £6.5 million a year for charity if just 1 per cent of the withdrawals processed by RBS include a £1 donation.

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