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Shelter calls for greater security for tenants

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by Jan Harris
Shelter calls for greater security for tenants

Housing charity Shelter is calling for landlords to offer Stable Rent Contracts, which would give families the confidence to turn a rented property into a home.

Stable Rent Contracts, which would offer five-year tenancies, would also give landlords the security of a steady income, the charity said.

Rents would increase in line with inflation each year, under the new contracts.

With many people unable to save enough for a deposit on a mortgage, demand for rented accommodation has soared.

Over the past 15 years the number of people living in rented accommodation in England has doubled to 8.5 million, and a third of these are families with children.

Campbell Robb, Shelter’s chief executive said: “With a generation priced out of home ownership, renting is the only choice for growing numbers of people.

“But with the possibility of eviction with just two months’ notice, and constant worries about when the next rent rise will hit, the current rental market is not giving people – particularly families – the stability they need to put down roots.”

However, landlords should still be allowed to evict bad tenants, the charity said.

The contracts would be flexible, allowing tenants to give two months notice if they decided to leave, and landlords would be allowed to end the tenancy in order to sell up.

A survey by LSL Property Services revealed that average rents in England and Wales rose to a record high of £734 in August.

This is nearly 3 per cent higher than a year ago and represents the fifth consecutive monthly increase.

Last week the Halifax revealed that the cost of renting has outstripped the cost of buying a home.

The monthly cost of buying a home is now £130 a month cheaper than renting, the Halifax said.

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News posted: September 21, 2012

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