Bonfire Night worst day for burglaries warns Aviva

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Bonfire Night worst day for burglaries warns Aviva

Insurance group Aviva is warning households to be vigilant over security at this time of the year, as burglaries tend to increase signficantly between Halloween and Bonfire Night.

On Bonfire Night the number of burglaries increases by around 25 per cent compared with an average day, according to the company’s research.

Aviva also reported a 33 per cent increase in claims for stolen gold and silver jewellery and a 20 per cent increase in car theft on 5 November, based on its claims data over the past ten years.

Halloween is another high-risk day, with car theft increasing by around 19 per cent.

Rob Townend, director of claims at Aviva, said: “What could be better than lots of noise from fireworks and the cloak of darkness to help thieves target your home and car.

“With darker nights and plenty of householders enjoying bonfire parties outside and away from their home there is a great opportunity for thieves to take advantage.

“The price of gold and silver has risen by over 100 per cent in the past 5 years, so it is not surprising jewellery is a prime target for thieves.

“It’s clearly a time for people to be extra vigilant and we would also encourage all homeowners to ensure that their valuables are insured for the right amount, so if the worst happens they can be fully compensated for their loss.”

Halloween, with its tradition of ‘trick or treat’, is a high-risk day for homes suffering malicious damage and vandalism.

Claims for malicious damage to the home increases by around 150 per cent on Halloween, while damage to cars soars by around 45 per cent.

Not surprisingly, Aviva reported a 50 per cent increase in fire claims on Bonfire Night, compared with an average day.

Insurer NFU Mutual is warning householders to ensure they have the correct home insurance in place if they plan to hold a bonfire party.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents estimates that 500 people per year are injured at small private bonfire parties and householders could be held financially liable for injuries incurred.

Matthew Scott, Chief Claims Manager at NFU Mutual, said: “Perhaps most important is to ensure you have third party liability insurance, as this should cover you if you damage someone else’s property or someone sustains an injury which can be judged to have resulted through your own negligence.”

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