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Hackers attack insurance comparison site

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by Jan Harris
Hackers attack insurance comparison site

Technology website The Register has revealed a security flaw affecting motor insurance aggregator Google Compare, which allows cyber criminals to steal personal details.

A vulnerability in the SSP software used by the broker website allowed the data to be harvested by editing a motor insurance proposal form.

Google has now suspended its connections with the broker sites which used software from UK-based company SSP.

SSP software is used to link insurance brokers with Gocompare.com, Comparethemarket.com and Moneysupermarket.com, as well as the recently launched Google Compare motor insurance site, but the security breach was limited solely to the interface with Google Compare.

SSP has issued a statement saying it had “been alerted to a security vulnerability following an unauthorised attack performed on the integration between Google Compare and SSP”.

“The vulnerability no longer exists and there is no further risk of data loss from this attack,” SSP said.

The vulnerability was reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office by The Register and the watchdog plans to begin enquiries into the matter.

Meanwhile, news site thecourier.co.uk has warned social media users to be aware of the dangers of revealing too much information about their whereabouts.

The use of geotagging, which reveals a person’s location, together with the information people post on sites such as Facebook about their plans to attend events or go on holiday, can tell burglars the best time to break into their homes.

thecourier.co.uk warns that insurance companies could monitor the amount of information posted online and use it as a reason to turn down a claim.

Images from many digital cameras and cell phones may contain a 10-digit grid coordinate which will reveal the location it was taken from, when it is posted online, but the function can be disabled.

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Story link: Hackers attack insurance comparison site

News posted: November 9, 2012

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