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News Tag: Barnsley Building Society

December 13, 2012

Shepshed Building Society joins with The Nottingham

by Jan Harris
Shepshed Building Society joins with The Nottingham
The Nottingham and Shepshed building societies will merge in July 2013, with Shepshed’s three branches being rebranded under The Nottingham name. Shepshed Building Society, which has branches in Shepshed and Loughborough, Leicestershire; and Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, has struggled to grow in the face of economic downturn and increased competition, prompting it to seek a merger. It has assets of around £93 million and ...

August 26, 2009

Barnsley launches 5.4% e-bond

by David Masters
Barnsley Building Society has launched a range of new Online Bonds paying interest at a fixed rate of up to 5.4%. The three, four, and five year bonds pay a gross/AER rate of 5%, 5.15%, and 5.4% respectively. Minimum balance to open the bonds is £100, and maximum is £500,000. Sarah Lawrence, Barnsley's senior product manager, encouraged savers to "act quickly" because the bonds could be ...

July 8, 2009

Barnsley pays 5.1% on 5-year online bond

by David Masters
Barnsley pays 5.1% on 5-year online bond
Savers looking to lock their money away in exchange for higher interest rates are being urged to consider a new online bond from Barnsley Building Society. The UK's third largest building society this week launched the five-year fixed-rate online bond paying interest at 5.1% gross (4.08% net). Customers can only open the account online, depositing their money electronically using a credit or ...

October 23, 2008

Yorkshire Building Society merges with Barnsley Building Society

by Kay Mitchell
Barnsley Building Society has been forced to merge with the Yorkshire Building Society after it revealed its high exposure to collapsed Iceland banks. Barnsley said the deal will safeguard it against the possible loss of up to £10 million deposited with banks in Iceland. In a joint statement, the two societies said the proposal follows swift, pre-emptive action from the ...