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News Tag: Newcastle Building Society

December 19, 2012

Newcastle Building Society exits interest-only mortgages

by Jan Harris
Newcastle Building Society exit interest-only mortgages
Newcastle Building Society has stopped offering interest-only mortgages to new borrowers, following the lead of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Nationwide, Co-operative bank and Coventry Building Society. The decision will not affect existing Newcastle customers and applications for interest-only mortgages received before 14 December will still be processed. Prior to the credit crunch, interest-only mortgages were a popular option as they offer ...

May 19, 2010

Newcastle Building Society to axe jobs and branches

by Kay Mitchell
It has been announced today that Newcastle Building Society is to close four branches and axe 126 jobs. The Newcastle, which is the UK's eighth largest building society, said the affected branches are: West Road in Newcastle, Crook in County Durham, Yarm in Stockton-on-Tees and York, and the cuts will bring its branch total down to 31 from 35. ...

July 5, 2009

Newcastle Building Society in advanced talks with Skipton

by Kay Mitchell
According to The Mail on Sunday, Newcastle Building Society is in advanced talks with Skipton Building Society, which will see further consolidation within the sector. Newcastle BS, which is the country’s 10th biggest building society, has been struggling after a poor performance in 2008 when it reported losses of £35 million as a result of exposure to the failed Icelandic ...

December 19, 2008

New Reward ISA from Newcastle Building Society

by David Masters
New Reward ISA from Newcastle Building Society
Newcastle Building Society has launched a new individual savings account (ISA) aimed at people who want put money away during the recession. The Reward Saver and ISA account is available now as either a cash or bond ISA. Interest is paid on the account at 4.5% gross per annum, which includes a 1% bonus for the first 12 months after account opening. A ...