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Most Brits would struggle if injured or unwell

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by David Masters
Most Brits would struggle if injured or unwell

Six in ten Brits would struggle to survive financially if they were unable to work because of long-term illness or injury, a survey has revealed.

The Nationwide commissioned poll found that people need an average of £298.66 per week to get by – and 61% said they would struggle to find this money in the case of illness or injury.

Almost half (49%) of those surveyed said they would rely on savings, although a recent survey by Nationwide found that less than half of UK residents save regularly.

Nearly a third said they would look to state benefits for support, although 88% of those surveyed did not know how much this would be.

Ninety eight percent said they would need over £100 per week to survive; the Employment and Support Allowance is currently up to £89.50 per week.

Selling their home was an option for 17%, whilst 21% said friends and family would be the main source of support.

However, Nationwide’s insurance director Robin Bailey warned: “In the current economic climate, we may not be able to rely on such things as the value of our house, or even friends and relatives in the way that we did a year ago.

He added that the survey is ‘illuminating’.

“It clearly shows that, should the unexpected happen, most people do not have any cover in place,” Bailey said.

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News posted: February 4, 2009

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