Brits embrace ‘no frills’ lifestyle

| May 1, 2009 | 0 Comments
Brits embrace 'no frills' lifestyle

Credit crunched Brits are embracing a ‘no frills’ lifestyle in an effort to cut costs, new research has discovered.

A study by Abbey found that six in ten (58%) UK consumers are more likely to fill their shopping trolleys with no frills products compared to a year ago.

Flashy purchases are shunned as a waste of money, whilst shopping on a budget is considered aspirational.

Household goods such as cleaning products are Britain’s first no frills choice, with nearly three quarters (73%) of those polled happy to buy and use low-cost versions.

These were followed by food (65%), toiletries (50%), clothes (44%) and holidays (42%).

More than half (57%) of those polled said no frills products are basic but good value.

However, one in three (30%) said the no frills lifestyle is not new to them, as they have always opted for budget products.

Roger Lovering, Abbey spokesperson, said: “It’s no surprise to see Britons reassessing their spending habits at a time when every penny counts, and it’s encouraging that so many of us are embracing the ‘no frills’ lifestyle.

“In today’s difficult economic climate, reviewing your monthly expenditure to find ways you can make your money go further is absolutely essential.”

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