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Fund a cruise with interest from savings

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by David Masters

The extra interest earned by savers who shop around for the best deal on a fixed-rate bond could pay for an all-inclusive Mediterranean Cruise for two, Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) said this week.

“Just by spending a few minutes shopping around when buying a bond can make a big difference to savers’ returns,” said Sarah Lawrence, YBS savings manager.

Savers investing £20,000 in a fixed-rate five-year bond would earn £4,568 in a bond paying 4.2% interest or £5,892 in a bond paying 5.3% interest – a difference of £1,324.

Over five years this extra money is enough to pay for lunch out for two every month, for a basic Sky TV package, for the monthly telephone bill, or for Christmas every year.

“We urge people to take a few minutes to check out the best deals as not doing so could cost them dearly,” Lawrence said.

Of course, YBS is not really telling you to shop around because by “checking out the best deals” you’ll find that the YBS five-year fixed-rate bond offers one of the top interest rates currently available.

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News posted: September 24, 2009

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